The idea

The idea for “Meals on Wheels for Homeless” was born in Berlin in 2020.

Volunteers cycle through the city and bring bread bags of bread to the homeless. Starting with 2 people, up to 38 people were last present and other German cities are also following suit. The first tours in Berlin, Potsdam and Leipzig have already started. More cities will follow.

Logo - Meals on Wheels for Homeless

The process

As a rule, we do 1 to 2 tours per month. We publish the dates for this here, on Instagram and Facebook. For each tour there is a fixed meeting point with place and time, where all participants (without prior registration) can come with their donations.

In the case of donations, we refer exclusively to donations in kind, e.B. food, hygiene articles, clothing, blankets, animal feed, beverages, etc. Donations of money are not accepted.

The compilation of the bags is not organized centrally, but each participant brings his “bread bags” already packed. Each participant also decides on the quantity. But if there is more to come together, you can also be distributed to other participants on site.

Depending on the number of participants and the city, small groups are then formed for different districts. Swarming can begin. Have fun, stay friendly and respectful.


At “Meals on Wheels for Homeless” we have set a few rules and ask everyone to follow them. Every homeless person has their own private area and we respect that.

  • Greetings and say goodbye kindly
  • If someone does not want to accept your donation, accept it
  • We don’t distribute alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or the like
  • Make sure that food is no longer ready
  • Donate “soft” foods e.B. bananas, mandarins, berries etc. – instead of a carrot, these may be too firm for one or the other
  • Donate only food you would eat yourself
  • Don’t just put the bags off unasked or throw them down
  • No photos of homeless people or how the donation is handed over
  • We don’t wake people sleeping, you can ask for a quick answer, don’t come, then please let them sleep

By the way…

Many homeless people rejoice when they are simply perceived and, for example, they are given a smile or a friendly word – and not only in the cold season!