Meals on Wheels for Homeless

Through the city with the bike and bread bags together – this is behind "Meals on Wheels for Homeless"

The idea for "Meals on Wheels for Homeless" was born in Berlin in 2020. Volunteers cycle through the city and bring bread bags of bread to the homeless.

In addition to the distribution of food, the project is also about getting to know each other's volunteers and the movement.

Riding a bike and doing something good.

In the meantime, the project has also started successfully in other German cities.

Read an article in the "Potsdamer Tagesspiegel".

Read articles in the MAZ (Märkische Allgemeine).

You have buck on merch?

Then write to us, we have T-shirts, hoodies, cloth bags, jackets, stickers etc. The money is immediately reinvested in the project e.B. when purchasing food, paper bags, etc.